Carpet Specialists in Battersea

If you have been searching for carpet specialists in Battersea you won't be disappointed with us at Capitol Carpets. We have quality tufted carpets and woven carpets available:

Tufted Carpet: Tufted carpets are manufactured from yarns that are positioned into a primary backing and then have a secondary backing. This is the most commonly used method of carpet manufacturing and produces carpets in a variety of textures, styles and budgets.

Woven Carpet: Woven in a traditional method from the surface and the backing of the carpet. This process of manufacturing can create a range of carpets from high definition multi coloured patterned through to more contemporary pin dot or geometric patterns plus fine plain velvet and twist pile finishes.

Woven Carpet in Battersea

Find out more about woven carpet in Battersea by calling us today. Here at Capitol Carpets we offer a wide range of carpet styles including:

Twist piles:
Considered a family friendly selection of carpet

Velvet piles:
These carpets have a smooth luxurious velour finish

Saxony piles:
Deep luxurious cut piles and are very popular in bedrooms

Loop piles:
Generally imitate the look of the natural floorings such as sisal

Natural fibres:
These are made from plant fibres such as Sisal and seagrass

Carpet For Sale in Battersea

Did you know that we are founder members of The Carpet Foundation? As members of The Carpet Foundation we can obtain carpets from all the leading UK manufacturers. We have a wealth of experience in the industry and over the years our reputation has grown from strength to strength. Make us your first choice for carpet supplies and installations today. We have carpet for sale in Battersea.

Why don't you get in touch with us today via our contact us page? We are the proven professional in the carpet industry. Get in touch with us by using the number provided to the top of this page.

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